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Are you 50 years of age or older? Looking to interview YOU for a news story (768 hits)
We have a well known reporter looking to write a story about how folks in their 50s find new jobs. He is looking for the 50 and up to connect with him for a brief interview, to create a mini-profile, and grab tips on how you managed to find new jobs ...
Posted Thursday, November 5th 2015 at 2:30PM
by: Reginald Culpepper | post comment
Age discrimination (1050 hits)
having trouble finding work in phoenix Arizona, IT-tech management databases, coming across several black women whom seem to have the same problem as well what should we do? 15 years in accounting and 3 years educated in Information systems, what is ...
Posted Saturday, June 14th 2014 at 1:42PM
by: | post comment
Discrimination Against Unemployed Candidates - Today in HR (1317 hits)
This survey asks HR professionals about discrimination against unemployed candidates, and whether unemployment matters in the hiring decision: http://todayinhr.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/today-in-hr-poll-would-you-exclude-a-candidate-whos-been-unemp ...
Posted Wednesday, December 7th 2011 at 11:23AM
by: | post comment
The 2011 McGraw-Hill Black History Month Essay Contest (1750 hits)
The McGraw-Hill Companies, recognized as the #1 employer on the HBCU Connect Top 50 Employer list for 2 consecutive years, along with HBCU Connect, is proud to announce the 2nd annual Black History Month Essay Contest! The Essay Contest is open to ...
Posted Monday, February 7th 2011 at 5:09PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Do you know where you are going? (1566 hits)
Does the following apply or sound like you? I dont know my purpose. I really dont know who I am. Well if so its time to make change right now. ...
Posted Wednesday, April 28th 2010 at 8:17AM
by: Roxanne Robinson | post comment
Completing Doctorate in Education (1611 hits)
I am currently completing my last class in my doctoral program in education, as well as working on my dissertation. I have a B. S. in computer science and an M. S. in software engineering. I have five years teaching in adult education. I have also ta ...
Posted Saturday, August 29th 2009 at 12:57AM
by: Albert Brown | post comment
Have You Found Your CALLing? (1602 hits)
I speak from personal experience when I say that it sometimes takes us a while to find our true purpose in life. It was there all along, but I wasn’t walking in it. I spent thousands of tuition dollars in the wrong major and years of my life in the w ...
Posted Friday, April 24th 2009 at 12:02PM
by: | post comment
Multi-Multimedia Per-fessional (1706 hits)
Hello my fellow BlackJobs.com members. My name is, well never mind my name. My alias is ATWiLL, and I am coming out the closet..............................To show everyone in internet land my master plan for us to make cash. I am a confused highl ...
Posted Wednesday, April 8th 2009 at 2:08PM
by: Anthony Williams | post comment
How Can You Make Today Special For Someone? (1517 hits)
Every day we pass up numerous opportunities to give of ourselves. From the over achieving multitasking professional to the self-absorbed dorm knome, we can all take a lesson from the ancient tradition of giving. Any suggestions? ...
Posted Tuesday, April 7th 2009 at 8:25PM
by: Anthony Harrison | post comment
Job Placement Programs (1698 hits)
I have looked for work in the past. I went to the Vesid Office and also RCIL, I also went to the Employment Office, I even went to the malls and the supermarkets and still no jobs available in the area. Jobs are scarce, you need a skill or a trade t ...
Posted Monday, March 30th 2009 at 11:25PM
by: Tracey Scott | post comment
Moving to Washington, D.C./ Maryland (1622 hits)
My husband and I are moving from Rochester, NY to D.C./Maryland area, but the economy is so bad it's hard to find jobs to save up the money to move. A friend of mine was telling me that chatting with residents in those areas would be a good idea to g ...
Posted Monday, March 30th 2009 at 2:04PM
by: Rakia Greene-Ra | post comment
Internship in the Menswear Fashion Field (2164 hits)
I am seeking an internship or part-time job position in either North Jersey or New York City for anything in the field of Menswear's Fashion. I am very motivated and ready for any challenge. I have deep love for menswear and I know I would represent ...
Posted Tuesday, March 24th 2009 at 6:07PM
by: | post comment
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